Chemical safety has a "passage"

Issuing time:2021-12-15 11:06

As the end of the year is approaching, as the chiefengineer of Sinochem Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, Sheng is busy withseveral major projects: construction of the Ministry of Emergency Management HazardousChemical Safety Risk Early Warning and Intelligent Control Technology KeyLaboratory, construction of Sinochem Chemical Safety Technology InnovationCenter, leading the formulation of national chemical safety standards. Theseitems sound a little obscure, but they are closely related to the necessitiesof ordinary people.

In 1979, a student with outstanding chemistry grades waspromoted to Sun Yat-Sen University, opening her inseparable bond with chemicalindustry. At that time, China's chemical industry was still relativelybackward. Taking pesticides as an example, most of the important pesticides areproduced by imported or imitated foreign processes, which have low benefits andmany hidden dangers. "The outdated process requires the same amount of rawmaterials, but the output may be only half of other people's, and sometimeswastes and even poisons are produced." Sheng had some experience of theshortcomings of China's chemical industry at that time.

How can the gap be shortened? The responsibility rests onthe shoulders of every chemical engineer! In order to find more safe and environmentallyfriendly chemical process technology paths, we are busy with "white andblack": soaking in the laboratory during the day to do experiments, recorddata, and find problems; Since the founding of American Chemical Abstracts in1907, it has been sorting out English publications and mining technical routeclues... A large number of process and technical problems of important productshave been overcome.

"Research on chemical reaction risk is aninterdisciplinary subject. If you want to become an 'expert', you must have thefoundation of a 'miscellaneous family'." Sheng put all his energy intoleading the team, building the platform, and finding ways. Hard work pays off.Since 2017, the chemical reaction safety risk assessment technology developedby the team led by Sheng has been promoted and applied in the fine chemicalindustry across the country. The product yield, "three wastes"discharge, and injury rate per million working hours of related enterpriseshave reached the international advanced level.

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