What will the chemical factory of the future look like? you can't imagine

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Introduction:In 2020, the chairman of China named China's digital strategy with "OnlineSinochem", and clarified the direction of "Online Sinochem, DigitalSinochem, and Smart Sinochem". Digitization has become a key productionfactor for China's development, and is driving profound changes in thecompany's development model and production methods.

Throughintelligent computing, equipment failures can be predicted in advance, andpreventive measures can be taken; through remote diagnosis, the risk ofproduction plant parking can still be accurately judged and eliminated eventhough the distance is thousands of miles... In China, when the production andmanufacturing enterprises are "connected with digital technology"", these seemingly sci-fi "factory of the future" scenarios arebecoming reality one by one.

Intoday's world, a new round of technological revolution and industrialtransformation is booming, and digital technology is developing rapidly. In theprocess of building a networked country and a digital China, whether anenterprise can seize the opportunities given by industrial digitization anddigital industrialization, and generate new development momentum withtechnological innovation and digital transformation, determines whether theenterprise can win the future development opportunity.

In 2020,Sinochem's directors named Sinochem's digital strategy with "OnlineSinochem", and clarified the direction of "Online Sinochem, DigitalSinochem, and Smart Sinochem". Digitization has become a key productionfactor for Sinochem's development, and is driving profound changes in thecompany's development model and production methods.

So, whatis the magic of the "digital factory"?



Digitization increases efficiency

Big data drives decision making

Sennics is the world's leading comprehensive serviceprovider of polymer additives, covering more than 50 countries and regionsaround the world. Sennics proposes a digital, intelligent and service-orientedstrategic transformation goal centered on building "Smart Sennics",so that digital thinking can be integrated into all aspects of the enterprise.

Since 2017, the company has started to build a digitalfactory. It has completed the construction and implementation of MES system,equipment management system, HSE system and WMS system. It has created adigital operation management platform covering the entire business chain at thefactory level, and standardized the factory. The operation management processimproves the overall operation efficiency


SennicsTai'an Plant saves 50 hours of labor per day in production statistics, reduceswaiting time by 1.3 hours for each incoming and outgoing business, and savesenergy consumption by a conservative estimate of RMB 200,000 per year. Theequipment section combines the use of digital systems and the optimization oforganizational structure, reducing the equipment staff from 18 to 5.

After the factory realized the popularization ofgrassroots digital application, Sennics began to further try the data-drivenwork mode, that is, combining objective data and experience and knowledge, toprovide real-time feedback and suggestions for the factory's front-lineproduction management, and to help the factory in safety and quality. andfurther increase in cost.


Through the implementation of the CPM system, a workingmechanism for PID loop evaluation and optimization was established, theautomatic control commissioning rate was increased from 40% to 95%, and theloop excellent rate was increased from 60% to 75%, which greatly improved theoverall production process stability. Through the construction of equipmentremote diagnosis platform, intelligent algorithms can be used to detect and judgeequipment failure precursors, support expert remote diagnosis, and greatlyreduce unplanned shutdowns and production losses caused by unexpected equipmentfailures.

China Blue Sky


Soft andhard combination

Create anew digital format

SinochemBlueskyis a leading company in China's fluorine chemical industry. Its products arewidely used in more than 20 fields such as automobiles, home appliances, andnew energy, with leading domestic and global market shares for many varieties.


Theleading industrial robot and visual monitoring technology automatic fillingproduction line in the fluorine industry jointly developed by Sinochem Lantianand robot manufacturers has reduced the number of workers by more than 65% andincreased production efficiency by more than 2 times since its launch. Afterthe production execution system (MES) prepares the production plan, the plandispatcher sends it to the production line. After the product is offline, itscans the code to enter the warehouse, leave the warehouse and ship it. Thework is coordinated in an orderly, accurate and fast manner, which largelysolves the labor problem and order delivery. timeliness issues.

Automationtransformation and upgrading, technical transformation of instrumentationequipment at the device level, and PID loop tuning are the "hard"parts in the construction of Sinochem Lantian Smart Factory. In terms of softpower, Sinochem Lantian has built a value chain management information systemfrom supplier management to customer management at the operational level,realizing seamless connection and efficient business collaboration betweenupstream and downstream suppliers, enterprises, distributors, and endcustomers.



Let dataact as a security "supervisor"

Guaranteedevice "stable and long-lasting

NantongXingchen is a "Double Hundred Action" enterprise of the State-ownedAssets Supervision and Administration Commission. It has several sets oflarge-scale chemical production facilities with a total production capacity ofover 400,000 tons and an annual sales income of nearly 5 billion yuan.


NantongXingchen comprehensively deploys and uses the SAP-ERP system to achievecomprehensive coverage of production and operation such as comprehensivemanagement, production, marketing, and supply chain. Through business andsystem optimization, the "three-in-one" basic management andmarketing management have been improved; a digital intelligent warehouse hasbeen built, and systems such as vehicle reservation and call number, unattendedweighbridge, warehouse management system (WMS), etc. have been deployed tointegrate with ERP, e-commerce, System integration such as ManufacturingExecution System (MES, under construction), Supplier Relationship Management(SRM), etc., improves the intelligent level of warehousing and logistics.

In termsof HSE digitization, Nantong Xingchen has completed the construction of a"five-in-one" safety management platform, and launched more than tenfunctional modules of five major hazard monitoring and early warning systems,combustible/toxic gas monitoring and alarming, etc., realizing thetransformation of safety management to informationization.

In termsof production digitization, Nantong Xingchen takes near-infrared, APC advancedcontrol and model monitoring as the starting point, comprehensively perceivesthe health status of each production line, and realizes productionoptimization, cost reduction and efficiency increase through precise control.

In themarketing work of Nantong Xingchen, digital application has also been fullyreflected. The company strengthens lead analysis, establishes a node managementand LTC (Lead To Cash) process framework from the market to customers, andaccurately selects and finds valuable customers.

"Afterthe new production line is launched, we have become a check-in point forInternet celebrities," said Yan Junhui, director of the fifth workshop ofSinochem Lantian Shaanxi Base, with a sense of pride. In the past few years, hehas clearly felt that the front-line workers are no longer "screw"engaged in manual work, the factory is more and more advanced, and theequipment is more and more intelligent. In the process of learning andoperating the new equipment, Yan Junhui and his colleagues, Technology andthinking have also gradually improved, realizing personal improvement and leap.

The story and changes of a person named "YanJunhui" reflect the dynamic development prospects of the traditionalchemical industry. In the tide of digital transformation, Sinochem China willseize the opportunity to reshape organizational relations and production andoperation methods, and generate new development momentum through innovation andreform, so as to win the future development opportunities for enterprises.

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